OilX hydro - specialist in hydraulics, pneumatics, filtration and fluidics

OilX hydro has selected reliable international partners among the greatest industrial brands in order to provide you with hydraulic or pneumatic parts as soon as possible.

In addition he brings you its expertise in the selection, sales and repair of high pressure hydraulic high force tools and 

his excellence in determining and controlling the contamination of your hydraulic and lubrication fluids as well as your coolant fluids 


FPT electrical pumps are equipped with aluminium or steel tank from 5 to 40 liters. 10 l tank is the standard. Larger on request.
Flows :  from 0,45 to 1,8 l/min at nominal pressure. Higher flow on request.
FPT engineers and produces  all the 700 bar  and + components themselves for more than 50 years.

Hydro-Electrical pumps 700 bar

FPH Portable Industrial Electric Pumps

Pompes électriques industrielles portables avec réservoir ...

FPT stationary electric pumps

Pompes électriques stationnaires série lourde avec ...

Hydraulic motor pump FPH-MS

Pompe hydraulique 700 bar à moteur thermique. Briggs & ...

Custom electric pumps FPT-SP

Pompes électriques spéciales sur mesures.

700 bar cordless hydraulic battery pump

Lightweight 700 bar cordless hydraulic pump with Li-ion 18V ...